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July 25 Border Crossing

We started the morning with a quick trip to downtown Coeur D’Alene. The kids and I got dropped off in a park while Dad packed up the camper. We played on the beach and saw part of the moose trail, that recreates a children’s book about a moose and a mouse.

We drove to Post Falls, Idaho to cross the border into Canada. Interestingly, they have appeared to cut a straight, thin, clearing through the forest and across the mountains that must indicate where the actual border is. I had to deposit our uneaten because-they-froze-in-the-camper-fridge apricots into a chest freezer because they were not allowed across the border. Thankfully the rest of us were. The drive to Kaslo, BC included the longest free ferry ride in North America across Kooteney Lake:

We stayed at the Mirror Lake Campground near Kaslo. The Mirror Lake Campground contained a lakeside vintage playground and a floating dock that you could swim out to and jump off of. I took my first teeter-totter ride with my son and daughter. Reminder: He who weighs the most works the hardest on the see-saw.  I pushed them on a metal merry-go-round (and hopped on) It was always big responsibility, being the pusher who had to hop on. We got what I consider the best site in the campground, right by the lake and by the playground. It was an electrical-only site, and that must be why we got it, since every other trailer/motorhome seemed to be loving their sewer connection (the stinky slinky). It pays to simplify. Our bathroom system still doesn’t work.



Site 185




Ride the Vintage Merry Go Round.

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2013 Roslyn Vintage Trailer Rally

For Mother’s Day, my husband took me camping. For Father’s Day, it was only fair to return the favor. Besides, my destiny was calling: the 2013 Roslyn Vintage Trailer Rally. If you happen to know my age and my last name, you will understand why this was my destiny. A family reunion of sorts. Not knowing exactly what to expect, we packed for a weekend of hanging out in a park and walks through a small town. There was a competition in numerous-categories for the best-outfitted trailers. I had several ideas for trailer themes but in the end, I kind of gave up on it. I decided my theme was family fun with my 2 kids also known as “survival”. I packed a pair of overalls that I wore as a toddler (size 24 months) for my daughter to keep with the vintage theme. They were denim and she was constantly mistook for a boy. I threw in my son’s lemonade stand supplies (two failed attempts last summer,,,but I keep the supplies at the ready). I packed some mid-century silver wear that my in-laws gave us imagining that I could set the table for a little ambiance, but it never left the rubbermaid crate of supplies. All packed up, We were on our way Friday after work

Roslyn, Washington is a lovely small town on the east side of the Cascade Mountains. Not too far east, tt has more trees than most of Eastern Washington and a bit of altitude. The city allowed the trailers to converge in their city park. We arrived around 8:30 PM, and there were trailers everywhere, somewhat haphazardly scattered all over the park. A nice guy walking a dog told us we could park wherever we wanted, and mentioned something about a lot of beer. We drove straight in and parked in the middle of the park, next to a 1968 Airstream. After wandering around, we determined that per vintage trailer rally etiquette we probably parked too close to this family but they were very nice about it. Our trailer did create some shade that thankfully they took full advantage of. My son also took full advantage of the two brothers in that trailer as new playmates. We took a bit of a walk (to the bathrooms), and then it was time to put my daughter to bed. I fell asleep, too. Which was good because she was up before 6 AM. We still managed to diddle the morning away:making oatmeal, changing diapers, reading. Most folks were up early anyway, since the sun rises at 4 AM. So, we packed things away in our trailer like never before. We did the dishes. We UNCOVERED the upholstery. And then we opened up the door, and people come in, and vice verse, we got to peek in other trailers. Here is what I learned: 1. Airstreams are like fingerprints, no two are exactly alike. 2. There are many cute vintage trailers that I can’t name but the Shastas were particularly adorable. 3. People bring all manner of vintage items to sell “swap meet” style..I resisted but I like old lanterns and there was the cutest set of metal play dishes that I passed up. 4. Some people go all out with their trailers. I saw a working pot-belly stove in one, an Oklahoma themed one, lots of pink, yellow, lavender, and turquoise, and lots of polished aluminum. I got our key stuck in the doorknob, and Derek had to pull out the whole cylinder. This lead to a conversation with a guy  who was practically a co-worker that lead to my husband the finding a new Airstream doorknob at a lock shop a few blocks from our house for 200 dollars less than it goes for on the internet. Whew!

Let the family fun begin: Afternoon arrived, and my son set up his lemonade stand and had a record breaking day of sales! We were in close proximity to a playground. It had some old-school monkey bars that I will spend more time writing about soon.  We spent a lot of time on that playground. My daughter likes to sit in camping chairs! Anyway, the day ended with a potluck. There were lots of yummy salads which upped my normal camping veggie intake. I fell asleep early and again missed an opportunity to see the moon and the stars.

People started packing up on Sunday, in fact, we were one of the last trailers to leave. We took a walk to Ronald, WA on the Coal Trail…a path that was a former coal railway line. We went to the Sunday farmer’s market and back for some more ice cream. Incidentally, I got the best photo of our camper to date as it was uncovered and uncluttered and bright due to the appearance of the sun…probably why I can’t stop gushing.All dressed up...the interiorRoslyn 2013 Vintage Trailer Rally

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