1966 Airstream

Restoring aluminum on an iron chassis

July 26 Kaslo “Switzerland of the Americas” to Sicamous



We spent the morning in Kaslo, “Switzerland of the America’s” alongside Kootney Lake surrounded by mountains. I was looking for chocolate and a yodeler, which are things I associate with Switzerland. Also, Ricola cough drops. I didn’t find any of the above, though I expect I could have found some chocolate. However, I did find some delicious garlic. I bought it at the Kaslo Saturday market. the It was $2.00. I even think the farmer gave me a discount. I was feeling a bit ripped off until I actual cooked with the garlic. The “Quebec Northern” was lovely, fresh and delicious. I wish I had taken it’s picture, and had a way to thank the garlic-growing farmer.

My family toured a boat with Victorian antiques while I spent some time in the visitor’s center. I picked up BC Parks Passports for us. You gather stamps at visitor centers and provincial parks for a prize! After our morning in Kaslo, we left for our final destination: Sicamous, BC. This trip included a stop in New Denver (visitor center stamp!) and second free ferry ride at Galena Bay. We arrived at the Shuswap Guest Ranch in Sicamous, BC, and were joined by what came to be our favorite evening dinner guest: a screech owl who hunted in the garden on the ranch each evening. The ranch owners told me that it was screech owl, and I believe them, but we never heard any screeching. Perhaps camping with a 2 year old and a 7 year old make us immune to those things, and it doesn’t make sense to screech while hunting anyway. He was very silent while he hunted.


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