1966 Airstream

Restoring aluminum on an iron chassis

Side Trip: Revelstoke

On the way home from the Glacier hike, we drove through downtown Revelstoke. Our first drive through had been before the hike, when we realized we needed some gas to get up to Roger’s Pass. I noticed a Visitor’s Center near the gas station, and walked over to collect a stamp (two more until I get the prize!). I chatted briefly with the staff, and got a map of Revelstoke. I don’t know how this happened, but our family started watching a Discovery Channel show “Gold Rush”. Because of this, my daughter plays with toy excavators. Anyway, Revelstoke was featured in an episode when Todd goes to collect a trommel, which tumbles and separates rocks and dirt from gold. Or it does when it works. So I asked. The young woman at the Visitor’s Center remembered the filming, and knew the location of the trommel-maker (there must be a better name for this profession, but I do not know it. Mining Supplier?) On our way home, I had the Canadian drive by the industrial park where the trommel was made. He was a little underwhelmed by this suggestion but he did it anyway. Something else was being made in the garage. And the trommel-makers (friends of the elves and the Shoemaker, no doubt) were still at work at 5:30 PM. I snapped this photo:


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