1966 Airstream

Restoring aluminum on an iron chassis

July 29 Part Deux: The Enchanted Forest


Seventeen years ago, my husband and I sped past the Enchanted Forest. He wasn’t my husband then, but I do believe he asked me if I wanted to go. By the time I answered, he had left it in the dust (PS, I kind of wanted to go, but I remember it being dark and it must have been closing time. ). Now we have a 7 year old with just enough reading skills to determine that this is a place he must visit. So we did. I was expecting a Roadside Attraction. With the exception of the Big Texan in Amarillo, I haven’t been to many Roadside Attractions so I didn’t know exactly what to expect. In a forest that looks like it belongs on the West side of the Mountains (ferns, big trees, etc), concrete figurines of fairy tale and nursery rhyme characters are displayed. Allegedly, the figures were made without molds, which seems like a very challenging thing to do with concrete. It is not clay. Some of them looked a bit scary in the way clowns are scary, but we had a good time.


Poor little kittens.

Most impressive, as my husband pointed out, were the fairy tale houses: Little houses constructed out of real wood, stone, brick, and wood shinglest hat were just the right size for my two year old daughter. As the Canadian said, if these were at Disneyland, they would be made of styrofoam or plastic, and probably wired for internet. But in British Columbia, it is the real thing. I expected Frodo Baggins or at least one of the seven dwarfs to step out and say hello.

fairy houseshoe

A hobbit house and The Old Woman who lived in the Shoe.

After a one hour walk through the enchantment, we headed back to the Nature Trail to take a swamp boat ride. The swamp was impressive: no bugs and it was not smelly (Ahh..this is the swamp for Disneyland). It was about 2 feet deep, and you could see to the bottom so the water was quite clear. We put on some ancient life jackets and paddled around for a bit. ¬†We walked back via the nature trail and were delighted to see another vintage Airstream in the parking lot. A “Bambi” sized one.



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