1966 Airstream

Restoring aluminum on an iron chassis

July 23 Fed Dub to Coeur D’ Alene

All good trips must come to a beginning, so we left home around 11 AM for a 5 hour and 40 minute drive across I-90. Airstream. Check. Passports. Check. Two children. Check. We were taking the long/scenic way to Sicamous, British Columbia, Canada. It was raining hard when we left, and continued to rain until we were headed down Snoqualmie Pass. We stopped in Ellensberg, WA for fruit: doughnut peaches and apricots. I encountered my first can of Cougar Gold, a cheese made at Washington State University that is stored in a can. I really wanted to buy it. According to the sign, it could last 10 days at temperatures under 70 degrees, and then needed to be refrigerated. I wasn’t sure that the Cougar Gold tin can would survive our Airstream tin can, so I left without it. Next time. As we passed Moses Lake, the rain started again and also brought it’s fine friends: lightening, wind and more wind. We enjoyed watching giant tumbleweeds that looked like hedgehogs racing across the desert attempt to cross the road in front of us. They were fanatastic. I wanted to collect one, with visions of hanging lights on it at Christmas. But I didn’t have space for a large, wet tumbleweed and wasn’t sure about attempting to get it through US-Canada customs twice (My apricots wound up confiscated and in a freezer at the Port , Idaho border crossing. The freezer was large, but not large enough for the tumbleweed) And the winds were blowing like crazy, so it would have been hard to catch a tumbleweed. We continued to watch them blow by while we waited out the storm in Ritzville, Washington.


The next scheduled stop was a Wal Mart. Since this is a blog about restoring our 1966 Airstream, I must mention that the toilet/sewer/bathroom system is not restored. We normally use the campground restrooms/outhouses, so it is not a problem. Our destination in Sicamous is a ranch owned by my husband’s cousin, so the Canadian felt like we should equip ourselves. He made his first recreational, legal pot purchase. At Wal Mart, none the less.



We arrived at Blackwell Island RV Park near downtown Coeur D’ Alene. We were in site # 180. It was a very large rv park with all the hookups, laundry, and showers/restrooms. There was a play structure, the kind you would have been jealous of if it had been in your friend’s backyard. The RV park was near a highway, so not exactly peaceful, but the traffic continued at such a pace overnight that it was almost white noise.

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